Diagnosing the Attitudes, Practices, Trends and Importance of Individual Brand Reputation, Identity Management and Employer Branding in a Networked World.


  • Reasons to Invest in Personal & Employer Branding, Now and in the Future
  • Positions Most Suited To Benefit from Personal Brand Optimization
  • Key Succes Factors & Best Habits
  • Media Preferences, Social Media Channels and Content Tools
  • Negative, Frowned Upon Aspects of Personal Branding
  • Evaluating Elements of Employer Branding Culture, Purpose and Employment
  • How to Discover, Invent and Deliver Employer Branding


  • 55 page Research Report
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Appendix of Survey Results

Option: Keynote Presentation/Workshop, Strategic Consulting & Tools, Ongoing Executive/Board Counsel


  • Interviews with key 30 personal and employer branding experts
  • Global survey results
  • Key framework, scorecards and success model graphics


  • CEOs & Executives
  • HR, Talent and Change Management Staff
  • Small/Medium Business Founders, Entrepreneurs and Board Members
  • Motivated Employees, Career-Minded and Prospective New Hires
  • Sales & Marketing

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